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We realize complete and efficient mobile workshops, custom built and perfect for every need, complete with shelving, counters, shelves, drawers, containers and all technical equipment essential for your business.

Range with capacities from 3 tons to 20 tons

Vehicles for the recovery of damaged heavy vehicles, with a suitably equipped arm. The vehicles are towed with the axle raised by a fork device.

There are rear stabilizers to ensure stability in the recovery phases, winches with a capacity of 20ton, side compartments for individually illuminated tools.

Over 30 models of demountable hooks available in more than 400 variants to adapt perfectly to different needs. 


It is available in 3, 4 or 5 axes and the Total Ground Mass reaches up to 84ton. 

Tippers suitable for difficult terrain, with a special focus on the safety of facilities and personnel, to allow efficient transport of products.

We take care of the assembly of the refrigeration unit, the tail lift, other customer accessories. The isothermal cell is mounted on the vehicle complete with a hot-dip galvanized steel counter-chassis.

Articulated truck-mounted aerial platforms from 14 to 32 m working height

Telescopic truck-mounted aerial platforms from 14 to 62 m working height 

The aerial platforms can be installed on pick ups, vans, commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tons and with a higher capacity. Jib option.

Lifting capacity ranging from 3tm to 20tm

Knuckle Boom Cranes: lifting capacity from 1.3 ton to 3.5 ton. THE LIGHT CRANE, specialized, modern and easy to use. Its modular construction concept makes it the ideal solution for installation on light vehicles and numerous other sectors of activity.

 Telescopic cranes: Ideal solution for installation on small and medium-sized vehicles.